Snicklefritz News- Winter Vacation

It is that time of year when we need to take a step back and recoup from the long winters that we face here in the North East. We will be going on vacation starting the 22nd of February and will be coming back in about two weeks. If you have any issues with the current files that you have through us, please email us at We will still be checking our emails while we are vacation.

Snicklefritz Team

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Finito the Clown

CLIENT: Scott Kegler aka Finito the Clown

WHAT DID WE DO: Character Posters

A long time friend of Snicklefritz, Scott Kegler came up to us with an idea of character posters for his new act. We are still working out which of these samples will make the final cut, but we thought it would be nice to show off the before samples of these series.

Gypsy Tramps

CLIENT:Gypsy Tramps

WHAT DID WE DO: Advertising Material

Creating a unique flyer that matches the branding of Gypsy Tramps is always a fun challenge. Here are some past examples of work we have created for them.


Moo La La


WHAT DID WE DO: Advertising Material, Branding

Moo La La, children's consignment store, contacted us when they were in need for some updating with their advertising material for their upcoming sale. With their branding identity including a pink cow, how can we pass up this opportunity? 
Flyer design for their upcoming sale.

Facebook covers to match their current flyer style.

Sample of an update to their logo


CLIENT:Over Mountains

WHAT DID WE DO:Blog Design

Hannah from Over Mountains is an old dear friend of ours. She had an old blog called Floral & Flannel but felt it was time to update her branding. We were happy to help her update her new blog Over Mountains with a fresh but modern twist. 

Check out her blog here!

On a Piranha

CLIENT:On a Piranha

WHAT DID WE DO: T-shirt concept art

A local band wanted a new t-shirt design to show off at the numerous gigs. We were happy to come up with a wacky design that fits the quirky personality of these guys.

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