Oct 11, 2013

Local Happenings

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Luckily here in Connecticut, there is a huge renaissance faire that happens twice a year for about a month. The spring show in Guilford, CT  usually follows a Robin Hood story line while the Autumn show in Norwich,CT  follows Henry the VIII storyline. There are a ton of "street actors" that act as the villagers for this town the show is set in. These are the people who bring to life of the renaissance faire and make you feel apart of their world.

Along with the main storylines there are a huge number of side shows that pleases all ages. A couple of our favorites are the lovely ladies of  Vixens En Garde, and the funny troupe members of of Commedia Mania (you know, the ones that I did their posters for.). Believe it or not, there is an rat circus act. You have to see it to believe it.

If you have a free weekend, stop by and check it out! It is a fun experience.

Here are a few photos from the faire. The top two are made by us. The others are from the Connecticut Renaissance Faire website.

For more photos, visit their Facebook album!

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