The story starts out with  a young girl named Amanda who loved to take ordinary photos and edit them into master pieces of her imagination. As the years went on and the Amanda found new tools to help her with her craft. She would spend hours of her day changing things and creating new artworks to share.  When she got her first job designing a poster for the local theater production of Fox Fire, she realized that designing was what she wanted to do when she was older.

Now Amanda has grown up, but her love of graphics and arts have never changed. She started wanted to start her own buisness to add sparkle and art into people’s lives.  The first adventure into this world was named Amanda Marie Designs. It turns out that it wasn’t branded how she envisioned it to be. She kept it around as a side project to work on during her down time.

On March 23,2012, Amanda re-branded herself and company. After a long time thinking she came up with the name Snicklefritz and a new mission.  What you see before you is her blood, sweat, and many longs nights work to make happen.  It is all worth it to her because it is what she loves to do.

Her goal in designing is to create beautiful  and unique products that you and your audience can connect with and love.

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