Nov 1, 2013

Local Happenings:

Real Pirates Exhibit

Uncasville, CT

Pirates. Who doesn't love listening to a good old tale of a pirate making his own fortune by raiding the unsuspecting ships on the Caribbean Sea. With this new exhibit, on loan to the Foxwoods Casino, we were able to step back in time and learn the tale of the pirate ship Whydah and her untimely demise. Not only does this exhibit showcase actual artifacts from the Whydah wreck, but it shows you how life was for the pirates on board a ship.  The highlight of my visit was being able to see and touch the only documented pirate treasure.

It was a fun experience that I wish I could go back and see. Be sure to stop by and view it before it leaves in February.

Incase you didn't know about the Whydah exhibit, here is a little review from the Foxwood Casino's website.

Real Pirates tells the compelling story of the Whydah, the first authenticated pirate shipwreck in U.S. waters, and the stories of the diverse people whose lives converged on the vessel. Sunk in a fierce storm off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in April 1717, the Whydah was located in 1984 and is still actively excavated today.

This is a one of a kind exhibition that features more than 200 authentic items recovered from the Whydah – real treasure last touched by real pirates. Ranging from canons and coins and the Ship’s massive bell to personal items that the pirates wore, visitors are given an unprecedented glimpse into unique economic, political and social circumstances of the early 18th-century Caribbean.

Written by Amanda Marie

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